Holy shit, Britney Spears is making sense!

26 11 2008

Breaking news: Britney Spears and I share an opinion.

“In her new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV, [Britney Spears] is caught during a candid moment shopping with her assistant. As she holds up a blouse, she says, ‘Look, this is very mommy.’ Her assistant replies, ‘It’s very ugly.’ Britney wrinkles her nose and laughs, ‘It is very Katie Holmes.'”

Britney is right, people. Katie Holmes dresses like poop. Please see the below photo for a specific example. WHO IS DRESSING THIS WOMAN?!?! It’s sacriledge really, I mean to have all of that money, all of those designers at your disposal, all of those FREE CLOTHES that people throw at her, and she wears this?!?! She should be sent to prison for becoming the doudiest woman alive. Ugh, she is annoying.



Katie Holmes Drives me Insane

25 08 2008

Seriously, does anyone actually think that this girl is attractive? Not only that, but the way that she constantly squints her eyes and uses that little girl voice is quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world. Perhaps I just have an issue with the squinty-eyed look, hence why I detest Renee Zellweger, too…

At least Renee is actually like 40 and doesn’t just dress and act like it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH KATIE HOLMES?!?! I can’t pinpoint it, but I have a sneaking suspicion it has something to do with Scientology, that god-forsaken haircut, and those forking HIDEOUS sunglasses that she always wears.

Here are some annoying photos of Katie Holmes wearing ridiculous outfits and generally looking about as interesting as a moss covered stone. Ugh… She is O.O.C.