Who knew Germans were so funny?

10 09 2008

HAHAAHA AHAHAHA AHAHA! Oh ya, this is good. Watch to witness the glory that is some German guy making fun of Will Smith to his face. Plus this guy does a Will Smith impression better than Will Smith. Brilliant. Germans, I forgive you for the Holocaust after this, but you all have to write a thank you letter to the guy with the Ukulele.

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Ridiculous, but very funny

10 09 2008

Here are Sally & Johnny; apparently black people love them. Hilarious. Click on the link to check it out.


Words of wisdom…

6 09 2008


This is sick, but hilarious. These people should be shot for having so many children, or maybe just sterilized and then then forced to watch their hoard of children be euthanized.

I know… I’m totally going to hell, but come on! There’s like 300 of them! And you know those kids want to kill their parents, too. How many sets of hand-me-downs is that baby going to be forced to wear? I guarantee these kids get the crap beaten out of them every day at school. Although there are enough of them to form their own SWAT team, which is probably why they have all managed to survive this long in the first place.

Overpopulation is not a joke. I bet any amount of money these people are Evangelical Christians… Or maybe just Mormon. I mean, you never see Jews with swarms of dirty children following their parents. I think the other Jews would frown upon that scene.

Crazy pussy

6 09 2008

Now, I don’t think of myself as a cat person, in fact I want to kill people who have those quirky cat posters hanging on their walls; you know, the ones with the inspirational sayings. However, these are just plain funny and so I will post and share the joy… Enjoy.




Apparently Jesus is Hitler

6 09 2008


I think it’s the ‘stache that gave Him away, what do you think?


Check it out:  http://www.sprengmeister.org/nsfw/jesusishitler/