The 18th Duggar has arrived

19 12 2008

The Duggars


Oh sweet holy baby Jesus… It has arrived. The 18th Duggar child is now alive and among us. The Duggars, keeping with their super cool trend of naming their children with names that start with “J” have annointed the blessed one with the name Jordyn. We can now all rest in peace knowing that these crazy cult-like freaks have 18 healthy children that will each soon have 18 cult-like freak children of their own.

Do you think Jesus gave them baby Jordyn (I really can’t get passed that glorious and stately name) for Christmas? I do!

I love America. Sigh.


Ahhh Whitney and Bobby

26 11 2008

You know, I momentarily forgot about these crack heads and their crazy crackiness, but word on the street is these two lovahs are getting back together. I think it’s a beautiful thing, I mean who else (besides crack) could ever love these people? True love is majestic to watch.

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Hot Dogs and Halloween… Just a couple of my favorite things

28 10 2008

I am totally making these things this week. Look at how cute they are! I love them and want to pop them into my mouth one at a time while the other succulent Mummy Dogs watch in horror. Tasty. In case you want to make them, click on the photo for the recipe.

Who knew Germans were so funny?

10 09 2008

HAHAAHA AHAHAHA AHAHA! Oh ya, this is good. Watch to witness the glory that is some German guy making fun of Will Smith to his face. Plus this guy does a Will Smith impression better than Will Smith. Brilliant. Germans, I forgive you for the Holocaust after this, but you all have to write a thank you letter to the guy with the Ukulele.

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Fun with ceramics

10 09 2008

Where the hell can I get my hands on one of these little gems? Little Krissy would go crazy for this joy. Come on, people it’s ceramic Bunny Porn! Note how he (I can only assume that the one not in a dipped position is the male) is cupping her bunny boob and how she looks like she wants to hop the fork out of there… This is good stuff.

Ridiculous, but very funny

10 09 2008

Here are Sally & Johnny; apparently black people love them. Hilarious. Click on the link to check it out.

Put some forking clothes on

10 09 2008

Does Mariah Carey the Whore really think that this is age appropriate? Me thinks not, my friends. Me think she looks like a skanky trollop. Why can’t she remember the always pertinent fashion advice of, “if you wear something short on the bottom, cover your top”. Or, you can flip that, say it in reverse and abide by that rule as well. Does anyone think this is attractive? I mean besides Nick Cannon.