Tiny landscapes made out of food

16 01 2009


The title of this post really says it all. Artist, Carl Warner, has created little vignettes out of food that he aptly calls, “Foodscapes” (get it? Food + Landscape) and I am totally in love with them. On days like today when it is -18 degrees below zero outside in beautiful Vermont, I want to crawl into these little lands of food and live in harmony with the cheese castle and bread mountains, I can almost smell the produce-scented breeze from here. Mmmmm…. Follow this link to see more exceptionally delicious foodscapes from Carl Warner:



This makes my insides hurt with love

16 01 2009


This makes me feel all squiggly on the inside, I love it so much that it makes my insides hurt. Where can I get one and how soon can it be delivered? I have been saying this for years, but when are scientists going to come around and focus on what should be their main concern: Stunting animals in the baby stage so that they will never grow. This is where the future is – stunted growth in baby animals.

I have an unhealthy obsession with The Real Housewives of Atlanta

26 11 2008


I don’t know if any of you have been following the joy that is The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I am totally obsessed. Especially with Kim Zolciak, some hideous chick with gigantic breasts and the fakest hair you have ever seen. I can’t get over the above photo as I have to believe it is Kim’s weave – poor thing couldn’t stand being on Kim’s head anymore and so it up and ran away.

Anyweavy, last night was the reunion show and they asked Kim about her fake hair. Now, a normal person would simply say, “I like it and its my choice to wear this atrocious weave. I think it looks glamourous.” But not our Kimmy! No, no… She had to go and tell the BIGGEST LIE ever witnessed on cable television. She went and said that she wears the wig because she lost her hair to cancer. BUT (and now this is the best part), she then quickly goes on to say, “they thought I had cancer, but I didn’t”.

I LOVE this! I mean, this woman is such an imbecile she doesn’t realize that it is CHEMO that makes you lose your hair, not cancer. Oy, some people should not be allowed to speak. Actually I take that back, Kim should be allowed to speak whenever she wants as she entertains the hell out of me.

Click here to see the biggest lie in the history of the universe. You really should watch it. I especially love when the interviewer/moderator/zoo keeper asks her if she had cancer and she nods her head! LIES I TELL YOU… LIES!

God bless America.

Holy shit, Britney Spears is making sense!

26 11 2008

Breaking news: Britney Spears and I share an opinion.

“In her new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV, [Britney Spears] is caught during a candid moment shopping with her assistant. As she holds up a blouse, she says, ‘Look, this is very mommy.’ Her assistant replies, ‘It’s very ugly.’ Britney wrinkles her nose and laughs, ‘It is very Katie Holmes.'”

Britney is right, people. Katie Holmes dresses like poop. Please see the below photo for a specific example. WHO IS DRESSING THIS WOMAN?!?! It’s sacriledge really, I mean to have all of that money, all of those designers at your disposal, all of those FREE CLOTHES that people throw at her, and she wears this?!?! She should be sent to prison for becoming the doudiest woman alive. Ugh, she is annoying.


I am such a Weepy Wendy

10 09 2008

This actually made me weep a little bit, granted I am ridiculous and bawl every time that I watch Extreme Home Makeover, but the addition of Joshua Radin singing in the background really knives me in the gut. Watch it, I swear you’ll be moved.

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Words of wisdom…

6 09 2008


This is sick, but hilarious. These people should be shot for having so many children, or maybe just sterilized and then then forced to watch their hoard of children be euthanized.

I know… I’m totally going to hell, but come on! There’s like 300 of them! And you know those kids want to kill their parents, too. How many sets of hand-me-downs is that baby going to be forced to wear? I guarantee these kids get the crap beaten out of them every day at school. Although there are enough of them to form their own SWAT team, which is probably why they have all managed to survive this long in the first place.

Overpopulation is not a joke. I bet any amount of money these people are Evangelical Christians… Or maybe just Mormon. I mean, you never see Jews with swarms of dirty children following their parents. I think the other Jews would frown upon that scene.

Sneaker Burger!

6 09 2008

Yep, I am really into the random posts right now. The internet is an amazing series of tubes on which you can find all the joy in the world. Sneaker Burger is just a tasty tidbit of what is out there. Yummy.