Holy shit, Britney Spears is making sense!

26 11 2008

Breaking news: Britney Spears and I share an opinion.

“In her new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV, [Britney Spears] is caught during a candid moment shopping with her assistant. As she holds up a blouse, she says, ‘Look, this is very mommy.’ Her assistant replies, ‘It’s very ugly.’ Britney wrinkles her nose and laughs, ‘It is very Katie Holmes.'”

Britney is right, people. Katie Holmes dresses like poop. Please see the below photo for a specific example. WHO IS DRESSING THIS WOMAN?!?! It’s sacriledge really, I mean to have all of that money, all of those designers at your disposal, all of those FREE CLOTHES that people throw at her, and she wears this?!?! She should be sent to prison for becoming the doudiest woman alive. Ugh, she is annoying.



Ahhh Whitney and Bobby

26 11 2008

You know, I momentarily forgot about these crack heads and their crazy crackiness, but word on the street is these two lovahs are getting back together. I think it’s a beautiful thing, I mean who else (besides crack) could ever love these people? True love is majestic to watch.

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Who knew Germans were so funny?

10 09 2008

HAHAAHA AHAHAHA AHAHA! Oh ya, this is good. Watch to witness the glory that is some German guy making fun of Will Smith to his face. Plus this guy does a Will Smith impression better than Will Smith. Brilliant. Germans, I forgive you for the Holocaust after this, but you all have to write a thank you letter to the guy with the Ukulele.

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Put some forking clothes on

10 09 2008

Does Mariah Carey the Whore really think that this is age appropriate? Me thinks not, my friends. Me think she looks like a skanky trollop. Why can’t she remember the always pertinent fashion advice of, “if you wear something short on the bottom, cover your top”. Or, you can flip that, say it in reverse and abide by that rule as well. Does anyone think this is attractive? I mean besides Nick Cannon.

Nope… You’re still not funny, Microsoft

5 09 2008










Recently Microsoft has paid like 12 bajillion dollars to have Jerry Seinfeld create some “funny” ads. Apparently those Mac ads where they compare Microsoft to a stodgy old man left them feeling inadequate and irrelevant. However, their new “funny” ads are anything but. Watch this horrible piece of crap and judge for yourself. Personally it makes me want to run out and buy 300 Macs just to spite them.

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So pretty…

4 09 2008

Don’t do meth… Period. Ugh, her face makes me want to run far, far away and hide under something or someone beautiful. Cracky Crazy.

Heidi Montag is the Devil

25 08 2008
Montag and her panty liner

Montag and her panty liner

Not only is she a hard-core Republican (which always screams RACIST / ANTI-SEMITE to me), she also appears to be wearing an exposed panty-liner in these photos from her new music video. And seriously, she is not a musician and should stop pretending to be one, she is a reality tv whore who is semi-pretty to look at, but has the brains of a trash heap (and not the talking talking trash heap from Fraggle Rock who happens to be quite wise). Gross.