This is me with my best friend, Bright Star (I am on the left)…

Often throughout the course of the day I stop and think to myself, “why are people such IDIOTS?!?!” I pride myself on being better than 90% of humanity simply because I know how to drive and walk without inflicting bodily harm or extreme annoyance upon anyone in the general vicinity.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my most joyful and irritating encounters with you, the general public, as well as a place to share any and all super interesting tidbits that I find regarding celebrity gossip or general news throughout the day.

Oh, and for the “about me” part? I am a Taurus, I have an unhealthy obsession with Chinese food, I live across the street from my best friend because I have issues being alone, and I like to play a lot of tennis and wakesurf and/or snowboard (depending on the season) as much as possible, and I reside in Burlington, VT aka “the best place in the World”.


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